Utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence and robotics technology to initiate a paradigm shift to increase production, quality and work safety.


Centre for Transformative Garment Production (TransGP) was established with the collaborative effort of The University of Hong Kong and Tohoku University. The Centre aims to provide solutions for the needs of the future society, where labor shortage would arise from population aging, and where increasing percentage of the mankind will be living in megacities. The Centre also targets at driving paradigm shift for reindustrializing selected sectors, i.e. garment industry, which is still relying on labor-intensive operations but with clear and identified processes for transformation. A number of goals are expected to be achieved through the Centre’s research programmes, such as to leverage the proprietary AI and robotics technology to shorten development cycles and to improve engineering efficiency to lower process cycle times, and to prevent faults and increase safety by automating risky activities.


TransGP is a collaboration between



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Managing Director

Professor Norman C. Tien

Taikoo Professor of Engineering & Chair Professor of Microsystems Technology

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The University of Hong Kong

Deputy Managing Director

Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge

Chair Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The University of Hong Kong


Programme Leaders


Professor Wenping Wang

Chair Professor

Department of Computer Science

The University of Hong Kong

Professor Yasuhisa Hirata


Department of Robotics

Tohoku University 

Programme Coleaders


Dr. Ka-wai Kwok

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Hong Kong


Professor Satoshi Tadokoro

Director, Professor
Tough Cyberphysical AI Research Center
Tohoku University

Research Focuses


Smart Garment Sewing

AI robotic solution to handle complex 2D & 3D sewing


Smart Garment Handling

Development of AI-based dual arm robotic system for grasping textile and deformable materials


Smart & Agile Garment Collaborative Process

Development of AI robots that can collaborate with human in a production environment

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