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Utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence and robotics technology to initiate a paradigm shift to increase production, quality and work safety.


Centre for Transformative Garment Production (TransGP) was established with the collaborative effort of The University of Hong Kong and Tohoku University. TransGP is poised to lead the new world of automated garment manufacturing. Our goal is to bridge the divide between technological advancement and industry adoption by leveraging our proprietary AI and robotics technologies to enhance throughput and quality, empower workers, elevate manufacturing agility, and expand production capabilities for customized garments. We envision a future where AI and robotics revolutionize garment production, aligning it with the evolving needs of society and significantly improving the quality of life.


TransGP is a collaboration between



Prof Norman Tien (HiRe)_4_edited.png

Managing Director

Professor Norman C. Tien

Taikoo Professor of Engineering & Chair Professor of Microsystems Technology

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The University of Hong Kong

Deputy Managing Director

Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge

Chair Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The University of Hong Kong


Programme Leaders


Professor Wenping Wang

Chair Professor

Department of Computer Science

The University of Hong Kong

Professor Yasuhisa Hirata


Department of Robotics

Tohoku University 

Programme Coleaders


Professor Ka-wai Kwok

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Hong Kong


Professor Satoshi Tadokoro

Director, Professor
Tough Cyberphysical AI Research Center
Tohoku University

Research Focuses


Smart Garment Sewing

AI robotic solution to handle complex 2D & 3D sewing

Existing garment sewing process requires separate fixtures for each garment style and size. AI robotic automated sewing system can eliminate the use of fixture, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in the manufacturing process for both 2D and 3D sewing. This means that the same machine can be used to sew together different styles and sizes of garment parts, reducing the time and cost associated with producing and changing out fixtures. Ultimately, this can lead to increased production speed, improved quality, and cost savings for garment manufacturers.


Smart Garment Handling

Development of AI-based dual arm robotic system for grasping textile and deformable materials

The handling of garments in factories remains heavily reliant on manual work due to the challenges imposed by the softness of textiles, making them difficult to be identified and manipulated by machines. To address this, the Center has developed an AI-assisted dual-arm robotic system capable of handling highly deformable materials, including fabrics. This technology enables the robot to perform repetitive tasks like positioning, folding, and packaging of garments.


Smart & Agile Garment Collaborative Process

Development of AI robots that can collaborate with human in a production environment

TransGP is pushing the boundaries of innovation by developing collaborative robots that work alongside human workers. Our revolutionary technologies include an advanced human-body digitization system which can reliably recognize and predict the motions of human workers, allowing the robot to anticipate their next move. By reacting collaboratively with the worker, the robots can seamlessly complete a variety of tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the workplace. The Centre is also specialized in VR/AR applications and ground control system for smart material transport in complex and dynamic garment production environments.

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Centre for Transformative Garment Production

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