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49th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva

TransGP was delighted to participate in the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, engaging in fruitful exchanges of ideas, connecting with new and  familiar faces, and holding inspiring conversations with international innovators and professionals from various sectors.

With great pride, TransGP's cutting-edge technologies—the Fixture-free 2D Sewing System, Passive Actuator-less Gripper, and Neuromorphic Enhanced Vision System—have been awarded three Silver Medals. These accolades affirm TransGP's dedication to revolutionizing the garment manufacturing industry and expanding the horizons of technological possibilities. Gratitude is extended to the judges and all visitors who offered validation and support at TransGP’s booth throughout the exhibition.


Smart Fixture-free 2D Sewing System with Automatic Fabric Alignment 

This State-of-the-art system transforms garment manufacturing by introducing a dual-arm robot system equipped with rolling end effectors and vision systems. It enables fixture-free, agile, and flexible sewing automation that seamlessly aligns and sews two fabric parts along the estimated seam line without the use of fixtures. This technology combines 2 patents to achieve fixture free sewing automation from fabric stack: Robotic Fabric Handling System and Fixture-Free 2D Sewing System.  

Passive Actuator-Less (PAL) Gripper for Fabric Picking

This technology introduces an actuator-free gripper system, poised to transform garment handling in factories by providing cost-efficient solutions. Unlike traditional grippers with built-in actuators, this innovative design makes the installation of the gripper simple and simplifies fabric handling operation using a robot. Beyond garment manufacturing, this versatile gripper system can be modified to offer applications across diverse object-grasping scenarios, promising enhanced efficiency and flexibility in industrial operations.


Neuromorphic Enhanced Vision System for Challenging Light and Motion Conditions

This innovative system presents a groundbreakingn advancement in vision sensorsensing  technology. Replicating the reliability of human eyes in diverse lighting and motion conditions significantly enhances safety and reliability in mass transit systems. Leveraging neuromorphic camera events, the system offers improvements in autofocus, auto-exposure tuning, motion blur reduction, and target-free calibration. These advancements address common challenges faced by conventional vision sensors and open doors to unprecedented applications in robotics, automationnomous driving, automation, and beyond. 

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